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Cleaning Your Jacket

Hand wash your jacket with special care with cold water and a little soap.  Be gentle with vinyl design and patches when washing. Hang dry.

Readhering Vinyl

If your vinyl is peeling, you can simply readhere the vinyl with an iron & parchment paper or thin cloth.

Cleaning Your Hat

Using a hat brush or soft toothbrush - use short, gentle strokes starting from one side of your hat and work your way around the entire piece in the same direction. This will significantly clear your hat of surface markings, dust and lint while maintaining its shape and quality.

Flatten out Brim

Use your iron on steamer setting and gently brush the hot air on the specific spot you are trying to flatten.

Immediately after steaming —While your hat is still hot and soft from the steaming process, immediately take it over to a smooth surface and lay it flat to cool.