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Wedding Inspo for the Best Wedding Ever

Weddings are all about the small details that make your wedding YOURS. It's all about the small intentional details that you add to your day that makes it memorable for you and for your guests. Here are ideas on what you can personalize on your wedding day!

1. Veil- we love a good Hailey Beiber moment with a personalized veil. Veils trail behind your wedding dress train and it's so beautiful when there's a special quote on the end of it. Definitely will make guests take a double take & it'll be a super romantic gesture in your wedding photos.

2. Drink Menu- For some that can't bring their dogs to their weddings, why not incorporate them in some way. We've seen couples order super cute signs with their dogs faces on them..even some make drink stirrer sticks of their dogs faces! Super cute & the guests would love the quirky detail.

3. Bridal gloves- why wear a blank set of gloves when you can personalize fingerless ones?! Your rings & your nails deserve a moment. Sometimes nails can be overlooked but make sure to capture every single thing you worked super hard to coordinate. Check out our Audrey & Tiffany tulle bridal gloves.

4. Father & Father in Law Ties- Okay so this one was a tear jerker. We printed pictures with our fathers from when we were kids & ironed them onto the back of the tie. It's super special because these ties can be worn again later. 

5. Shoes- You spend lots of $$ on your heels but we all know they're not the most comfortable! Don't forge to also spend money on a pair of comfy sneakers. During your dance party, you'll probably lift your dress up here and there to get low. It'll probably be photographed as well so might as well get stylish ones that you've personalized.

6. Bride Jacket- If you have a winter wedding where it gets cold in the evening or want to make your wedding look party-esque for the reception, don't even think twice about incorporating a personalized jean bride jacket! We have a bunch of styles to pick from depending on your vibe. It's super fun & will sure make your stand out in the crowd (as you should!!!).

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